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We support survivors of domestic violence, sexual asualt, and stalking

Rape & Abuse Crisis Service

RACS is the only organization dedicated to survivors of interpersonal violence in seven of the nine counties served.

How We Can Help You

RACS provides services at no cost to survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking in nine counties: Cole, Gasconade, Maries, Miller, Morgan, Moniteau, Osage, Southern Boone, and Southern Callaway. An emergency 24-hour hotline, advocacy services, outreach services, case management, counseling, and an emergency shelter ensures that supportive, confidential and crisis services are available where and when survivors need them.

The Many Ways We Help Survivors

Emergency Shelter

Open 24/7, 365 days a year.


Supporting the Mental Health of Survivors

Domestic Abuse Support Group

Every Thursday 6-7:30 PM


Answered 24/7 by trained Crisis-intervention Advocates


Court, Hospital, Personal and Crisis-intervention.

See How We're Doing

RACS provided 18,746 services to 1,313 survivors in 2023. Of those 633 men, women, and children received 9,879 residential services that included 4,131 bed nights and 9,879 meals.

Shelter Advocates answered 2,255 Hotline calls from survivors seeking support and resources.

Outreach Advocates served 443 survivors by providing 1,748 Court Advocacy Services and 1,211General Advocacy Services. 

RACS Licensed Professional Counselors provided 1,769 hours of counseling to 224 survivors.

RACS strives to help survivors find hope in their journey of healing in a safe space.

Support Healing & Hope

When you donate to RACS you are helping survivors by helping to give them hope in their healing journey. Every part of your donation goes back to supporting survivors.
Without the support of generous donors, RACS would not be able to provide the safe healing environment that currently exists for survivors. Your support ensures that RACS professional staff are able to focus on the needs of each individual resident and survivor while maintaining dignity and confidentiality. We know that we can’t meet every need of every survivor on our own and we invite you to be a part of continuing to create a space of healing and hope for survivors where ever they may need it.

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